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Issue 8 (June 2014). The role of e-learning applications within the tourism sector

Table of Contents

The role of e-learning applications within the tourism sector FULL ISSUE (PDF)


The role of e-learning applications within the tourism sector PDF ePub
Oriol Miralbell, Lorenzo Cantoni, Nadzeya Kalbaska 04-05


Introducing Augmented Reality in Cultural Heritage Studies PDF ePub
Luis Villarejo, Francesc González-Reverté, Oriol Miralbell, Joan Miquel Gomis 06-14
Digital technologies and foreign language learning in tourism studies PDF ePub
Montserrat Iglesias-Xamaní 15-26
E-learning on tourism destinations. The case of Ticino Switzerland Travel Specialist course PDF ePub
Asta Adukaite, Nadzeya Kalbaska, Lorenzo Cantoni 27-34
National Tourism Organizations’ online training offer. Switzerland Travel Academy Case Study PDF ePub
Nadzeya Kalbaska 35-44
Independent e-learning offers in Tourism and Hospitality. In search of a map and possible quality indicators PDF ePub
Maurizio De Rose, Elena Marchiori, Nadzeya Kalbaska, Lorenzo Cantoni 45-55
Social networking sites and collaborative learning in tourism PDF ePub
Oriol Miralbell 56-67

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