New times for learning

Sandra Sanz, Amalia Creus


Experience of time and technology also has an important impact on learning. The drastic reduction on lifetime of knowledge, connected with the overflow of information and fragmentation of sources, are just some of the features that are changing the way we learn. This situation challenges us to think more creatively about the interaction between communication technologies and learning, and to explore how our educational models are being impacted by the processes of social change that come with digitalization, the emergence of social media and the Web 2.0.

Since February 2011 the group ECO (Education & Communication), driven by teachers of Information and Communication Studies at UOC, has been providing a forum for researching communication and learning, and for sharing teaching innovation through e-learning environments based on collaboration, creativity, entertainment and audiovisual technologies.

The five articles in this edition of eLC Research Paper Series reflect the short but intense trajectory of the group. Some of them are a selection of papers presented at the International Conference BCN Meeting 2012, organized by ECO. The other articles were written specially for this issue by members of the group and give a picture of the themes and questions we are now exploring.



time factor, technology, learning, communication, ICT, ECO, collaboration, entertainment, audiovisual technologies, BCN Meeting 2012

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